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Eye Makeup Secrets

By mauary-admin   |    November 29, 2010 9:06 pm    |   Makeup Tips   |    1,540 Comments

The basics of an easy smokey eye.

Many people ask me how to create a smokey eye look!.  This is one of the most popular looks in fashion today and has been around for many years.

A smokey eye effect basically aims to make you look sexy and fierce. The Smokey eye effect is really subtle, but it comes across with a lightness and intensity behind it due to the gradual fading of colour up the eye lid. A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have recommended it for bridal parties but now brides seem to be going for all sorts of different effect on their wedding day. Basically it makes the eyes stand outing a very attractive yet seductive manner.

Here are a few tips to creating yourself a perfect smokey eye look.

1. Only use 1 colour.
2. Blacks, charcoals, browns and golds are perfect for smokey eye.
3. Always start from the eyelid going up to the brow.
4. Gradually fade colour out.